Product Information – LawnReborn™

LawnReborn™ is a quick solution to neutralize pet odours.  It’s a powerful artificial turf cleaner and deodoriser that works with or without PetFill™.

LawnReborn™ uses a blend of specialized bacteria chosen for their ability to produce enzymes that will digest the organic matter that generates foul odours.  LawnReborn™ contains AIRICIDE ® which is a foul odour counteractant which helps to remove odours not only from dog urine in lawn but also odours and stains.


Dilute LawnReborn™ with water 1:40 and apply with a watering bucket or spray applicator. Dilution should be immediately prior to application.

We recommend applying LawnReborn™ in the evening to get the maximum benefit from the product.  Applying in the cool of the evening will avoid excessive heat & evaporation, allowing the enzymes to do their work.

Directions for use & Safety Directions are on the bottle.