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If you have synthetic grass and a dog, odour caused by dog urine can have a serious impact on enjoyment of your back yard.

These odours are caused by two factors; ammonia in the urine and the subsequent bacterial growth which occurs.

  • PetFill™ absorbs the ammonia, substantially neutralizing and reducing smells.
  • LawnReborn™ is an enzyme product that destroys the bacteria.

PetFill™ is an organic mineral blend that naturally reduces pet odours, making it ideal for use as an infill product for artificial grass. It’s safe for pets & humans and replaces silica sand infill. PetFill™ is applied at the time of installation of your synthetic grass.

LawnReborn™ is a quick solution to neutralize pet odours. It works as a powerful artificial turf cleaner and deodorizer

Frequency of spraying LawnReborn™ varies depending on the size of the dog, the size of the garden and the metabolism of the dog. A higher protein content in the urine, can cause an increased production of bacteria.